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Dr. Joseph A. Davis

To whom it may concern:

My name is Joseph Davis. I have been the pastor here at Cross and Crown Baptist Church for almost 29 years. I am writing to recommend JB Tarwater as a Missionary Evangelist to the Philippines. JB has been a member and faithful worker here at Cross and Crown Baptist Church for 26 years. He has been a close associate and assistant to me as his pastor. He has always been a great support and helper in the ministry here. I can say without a doubt that God has given JB a tremendous enthusiasm to reach children. He has served as our Junior Church Director and Bus Ministry Coordinator for over 20 years.
During this time he has been used of the Lord to reach the children of our community in a remarkable way. JB has truly been an example of sacrificial service and faithfulness to our church. We are sending JB with our blessing out of our church as a Missionary Evangelist to the Philippines to reach the children there. I believe that God will use him in the Philippines in a way that is as great as, or even greater than, he has here at Cross and Crown. Through JB’s numerous visits to the Philippines, he has already established a network of churches and ministries in the Philippines who desire to have him return and minister to their children and reach the lost all around them.
He is currently on deputation and is desiring to present his burden and the call which God has given him. Please consider having him in to share this burden with your people.
Thank you for your time.

In Christ’s service,

Dr. Joseph A. Davis

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