Mission Philippines

"But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

Matthew 19:14

Prayer Letter Update #2 February 2021

Dear Prayer Partners and Co-Laborers in Christ,


  • Praise the Lord for reaching . Amen!

  • We thank the Lord for the memorable enjoyment of at three different churches.

  • Ice Storm “Uri” The Negative: snow to ice and slick roads, stuck in hotel with no water for 3 days.
    The Positive: Church provided hotel, interviewed by local news twice (hilarious), God blessed us with new church support and new meetings! The Best: witness opportunities to others in the hotel!

  • Drove 3,500 miles and Praise the Lord for safety and protection:

  •        – Presented 7 times in 3 States. Preached 6 times & Taught Sunday School twice.

  • Encouraged by pastors and church members who keep on being faithful throughout Covid, etc...
    We pray for you, appreciate you and we cheer you on!

  • Praise God we’re blessed with 10% of our Start Up Funds. We plan to be fully funded by end of 2021.

  • Praising the Lord for the genuine love showed by God’s people and sacrifices made to provide a way for us to continue on the deputation trail. Thank you, dear friends.



  • Praying for the souls we witnessed to & for those witnessed to by others to be saved.

  • Pray for continued safety on the road. (a Semi-Trailer Truck slid on the ice and hit our van) we were unharmed physically with minimal damage to the van bumper, trucker’s insurance will pay for repairs.

  • Please pray though we have 40+ meetings scheduled for 2021 - we still want to fill a few open dates.

  • Van: Repair or Replace?! We have consulted with two different trusted mechanics regarding our van’s mechanical issues: #1. Major front-end work totaling over $2,400. #2. Radiator coolant is leaking into the motor – A new engine replacement would also cost an additional several thousand dollars.

  • We need Wisdom & Direction from God to either Repair or Replace the van.

  • Please pray with us for God to provide the means to repair or replace our van so we can continue

  • on our deputation journey traveling to our scheduled mission’s meetings.



JB and Marie Tarwater
Missionaries To The Philippines

start up fund 10%.jpg

This is a fund allocated for start-up cost in the Philippines for items like a Ministry Vehicle, Housing, Utilities, etc... Praise the Lord we have reached 10% of our initial Start-Up Costs. As we are hoping to be fully funded by the end of the year 2021, we ask you to please continue to pray for our monthly support and our Start-Up Cost. If you would like to participate by giving to the Start-Up Fund, please designate it through your local church or  through online donation.
J.B. Tarwater